Those 6 years.

11 years ago, I found myself walking into an industrial park with a friend who insisted that I needed to visit her church. I succumbed to her persuasion and never thought much about it. Never would have imagined how my life will end up being so much intertwined with this church – Heart of God Church.

I remember standing near the front of the stage and surrounded by a few girls from my school. The keyboard came on and a man took the microphone. He welcomed the congregation and asked if there was anyone new. My overly excited school mates had to scream for some attention and I quickly blurted out my name – ‘Wendy…’

A few weeks later, I was hanging out with some school friends in IKEA. At the corner of my eye, I saw two rather familiar faces – who appeared to be my Pastors. I was very stressed… “Do they remember my name?” “How should I address them?” “What am I gonna say?!”. Even before I stammered to say a HI – They smiled and said ‘I know you! You are the Wendy from St Nicks!” I wondered, “Gosh! They actually remembered me?”

Well, that was my first encounter with My Pastors and the continuation of my church life has been an adventure.

They taught me how it was like to be loved. They brought me out to eat at restaurant and how to use a steak knife to cut my meat properly because my family was not well to do and couldnt bring me out for such meals. They asked me about my dreams and told me that all things are possible. They bought me clothes because University was starting and wanted me to look smart among my friends.

At 17, Pastor Tan Seow How, Pastor How taught me how to preach. I was pretty sure I was too nervous, speaking too quickly and had incoherent sentence structure. However, he wrote down pointers on a notepad, gave it to me and said that I could be a bible school teacher. As I teach in cell groups today, those words would still ring in my heart from time to time.

2009 – was the most trying time of my life. My dad passed away and my family was so shaken. The trauma was somehow cushioned by the love of my Pastors and the church. Pastor How and Pastor Cecilia, Pastor Lia would text me every day, showered love and concern to me and to make sure all was well.

As another day of Fathers’ Day has passed, I would never forget these moments.

Happy Fathers’ Day, Pastor How.


Always your spiritual daughter,






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